Marketing Specific Information


Marketing Inc

6S Marketing Inc. - Vancouver Internet Marketing Company
Vancouver based company offering search engine promotions, web site traffic
reporting, as well as marketing and Internet strategy development.

Blizzard Internet Marketing, Inc.
Services include site design and development, promotion, hosting, and maintenance
for the lodging industry.

Relationship Marketing, Inc.
Company focusing on creativity, technology and communication strategies.

Getty Petroleum Marketing Inc.
Marketers and distributors of petroleum products via retail outlets throughout the US.

Aah Marketing, Inc.
Offers leather jackets, vests, chaps, saddlebags and related items.

Inbox Marketing, Inc.
A permission-based, email marketing services provider.

DialAmerica Marketing, Inc.
Telemarketing services at a mutually-agreed-upon price for each order. This allows
clients to concentrate on their core business.

Welcome to Frequency Marketing, Inc.
Designs, implements and manages loyalty marketing programs that recognize and
reward customers through technology and consultive services.

Target Marketing, Inc.
Offers target marketing, statistical and consulting services.

Thunderball Marketing, Inc.
Distributor of home and car audio and video equipment to retail outlets. New York, USA.



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