Marketing Specific Information


Marketing Of

Accounting and Marketing of Translation Jobs for Freelance ...
Business management software for freelancers. Automated job search, project
management and accounting, and agencies database.

Target Marketing of Santa Barbara
Information on workshops, books, and consulting services.

The Marketing of Cigarettes to Women
Academic article documents trends and effects of tobacco industry marketing to women.

Food And Drink Europe Marketing of Food Products & Drinks for ...
Daily news on marketing food products and drinks for the supermarket industry in
Europe including prepared and convenience foods, alcoholic and energy drinks, ...

frontline: the merchants of cool

World Marketing of America, Inc. - Welcomes You
Offer a range of alternative heating solutions. Products include kerosene heaters,
vent-free gas heaters, ceramic electric heaters, and heater replacement parts ...

Promoting the Use of Maori Language in New Zealand
Article on the potential benefits of applying a marketing paradigm to improve
the success rate of Maori Language revival programs.

The Marketing of Grain in England, 1250-1350
Aspects of grain marketing in Medieval England such as pricing, famines and
transportation issues. This includes discussions on how these issues impacted on the ...

Welcome to the Society for Marketing Professional Services
Offers education, information, and resources in marketing professional services
for the built and natural environment. Includes membership information, news, ...

Marketing Violent Entertainment to Children - 9/11
Federal Trade Commission report regarding the marketing of violent materials to
children by the industries of motion picture, recording, and electronic games.



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